Dr. Isac Flaishman

Dr. Isac Flaishman was born in Rehovot, Israel in 1958 to survivor parents of The Holocaust from Zamosc, Poland.  Early on, he recognized  that the horrors and the traumatic effects of World War II did not end in 1945 as the searing memories and murder of a family most famous in pre war Europe only left 3 family members out of hundreds alive. The State of Israel was creating itself  out of the ashes of The Holocaust in a region of hostility and war further affecting his soul and conscience.  After graduating from  the ORT Ashkelon High School in 1976 Isac started his Israeli Army Military service through 1980.


Recognizing how the actions of The Holocaust, war and hatred seared into

the minds of his parents and  effected Jews worldwide Isac committed to

finding a way of healing the world.  His compassion and sensitivity for

all things human led him to Rome where he was accepted to study medicine

in 1980 at La Spienza University in Italy.  He graduated in 1987 and went

on to specialize in Vascular Surgery and completed his training in 1992 and

in 1996 was awarded a visiting position in the United States to study Lung Transplantation.  At completion he returned to Rome where he is in private practice as a Vascular Surgeon.  He and his wife Francesca frequently travel  and share their efforts to better the world through many charitable causes. 

His dedication to the Sacred Grounds Foundation initiative has been unwavering  and is the Foundation’s Italian representative.

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