Dr. Eva Fogelman

Psychologist, Writer, Filmmaker

Dr. Eva Fogelman is a well known psychologist, writer and filmmaker. She helped “break the silence” of survivors of the Holocaust. She also was one of the first to recognize the trauma of children of survivors. She helped pioneer and spearhead an international movement that examined its moral responsibility in deterring genocide by examining what happened in Nazi Germany. Dr. Fogelman has done groundbreaking work in healing the child, adult survivors and their families.

Her book, Conscience & Courage-Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust fostered the awareness of rescuers and unsung heroes of the Nazi Holocaust. The book is highly praised for its "researcher's scholarship” and “therapist's sensitivity”.

Dr. Fogelman wrote and produced the award-winning documentary Breaking the Silence: The Generation After the Holocaust. She has consulted on numerous Holocaust film projects and is a guest lecturer worldwide. She has been serving on the Sacred Grounds Advisory Board since its inception.

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