June I8, 2OO4

I met Mahli Lieblich almost four years ago on her quest for establishing a Holocaust

Memorial at the site of the Auschwitz extermination camp.

I myself lived through the World War II era and was familiar with its awful effects

and after-effects on life in Europe.

Mahli Lieblich created a bridge of understanding between various cultures and

religions of how this horror still affects mankind today, and how the path-work of

evil and devastating blows to society can be felt again in an instant if the world does

not stand guard against annihilation/ murder, injustice and persecution. She came to

the Vatican to receive the blessing of His Holiness Pope John. Paul II and received

his blessing for her project. She asked if I would serve on her Honorary Advisory

Board and I accepted knowing that though we lived different lives, different

religions and different cultures we shared the sane vision of a peaceful humanity

filled with love for each other and the under-standing that all peoples pain becomes

the collective pain and all people's healing becomes the collective healing.

Her message is simple. Her bravery is singular, and her determination is unshakable.

Whomever reads this letter should offer their full support on behalf of the Sacred

Grounds mission to establish a Holocaust Memorial on the sacred grounds of

Auschwitz and Birkenau, and to establish the site not only as a National Museum of

the country of Poland, but also to recognize and consecrate the grounds as the

largest Jewish cemetery of murder victims, as well as of Catholics and people of

many different religious backgrounds and countries. To deny people their identity

in death is as heinous a moral crime as to deny them the right to live a life of peace.

Please give Mahli Lieblich your support, with, all my Blessings.

                                                                                          Archbishop Luigi Accogli

                                                                                          Apostolic Nuncio.

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